Prof Ahmed Moatassem is Top unique talented corneal surgeon in the middle east. Have been doing corneal grafts over 15 years between Egypt, iraq and UAE. Many patients came to him specifically for his excellent results in corneal grafts from Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Libya and different Arab countries.

Keratoplasty is the ultimate choice for different kinds of corneal opacities whether superficial or deep that encroach on visual axis, interfering with the bless of vision.

Keratoplasty is not always done for this, it might also be needed sometimes to treat end stage keratoconic corneas or repair a state of corneal perforation whether from a severe unrepairable corneal injury or a fulminant infection.
Using the safest Femtosecond laser devices providing a shorter procedure time with better and more accurate visual results that will restore your happiness and your life.
the most recent keratoplasty techniques:

Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty for superficial lamellar opacities
Penetrating keratoplasties for deeper ones.
Descemets keratoplasty for patients suffering from corneal affection resulting from low endothelial cell count.
Therapeutic and tectonic keratoplasties for all insults threating the integrity of your globe.

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