At the Prof. Ahmed El-Moatasem Center, the implantation of lenses operation to correct three-dimensional vision is performed to treat severe myopia, farsightedness and astigmatism with the latest medical technologies.

Where a lenses implantation operation is performed to correct vision for patients who suffer from severe myopia.

Or those who suffer from congenital weakness in the thickness of the cornea or patients with keratoconus. because the cornea in these cases does not tolerate LASIK.

In addition to that the LASIK in these cases may lead to poor vision Nocturnal to a degree that can not be ignore it .

Now this group of patients can dispense with glasses and contact lenses thanks to the implantation of intraocular lenses operation.

What are the best types of lenses that are implanted inside the eye?

•  Lenses that are implanted in the anterior chamber of the eye (in front of the iris).
• Lenses that are implanted in the back chamber of the eye (behind the iris and in front of the lens of the eye) and it’s called (ICL).

How are intraocular lenses implantation operation?

  • As the lens is very soft and flexible. It can be easily folded and inserted into the eye from a very small opening that is not visible to the naked eye.
  • Therefore, the operation is performed under a surgical microscope.
  • and the lens insertion process takes one minute
  • This folded lens automatically deploys after entering the eye and takes its final position between the iris and the natural lens of the eye. thus easily correcting your vision defects.

Candidates for the implantation of lenses operation to correct vision?

  • Acute myopia patients.
  • Patients with moderate myopia and those with poor in corneal thickness.
  • Also Patients with farsightedness more than 5 degrees
  • Keratoconus patients

What is the appropriate age for lenses implants operation?

It is preferable for the patient to be over twenty years of age for that the degree of visual impairment is stable. As for the upper limit of age, it is preferable that the patient be less than forty years old.

What is the best medical center for lenses implants operation to correct vision with the latest technology?

In the center of Professor Ahmed Al-Moatasem – the best eye doctor in Egypt – there are the latest and most accurate diagnostic and treatment techniques for vision defects, which determine the possibility and effectiveness of correcting the vision defect for the patient. then determining the safest and most efficient way to correct the flaw in the vision based on the vision measurement, examination of the cornea and a map  Visual abnormalities of the patient.

As a board-certified ICL implantologist. Dr.Ahmed was one of the first talented surgeons selected 15 years ago to implant these lenses to repair high refractive errors. These lenses offer our patients great vision correction result and high definition vision with the latest intraocular lens designs.

It was our ultimate choice has been the new generations of ICL lenses that have proven their reliability and superior accuracy over the past years without insulting for the human cornea or endothelial cells and the absolutely amazing corrective results.

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