ِAt Moatassem eye clinic we fix and modulate different vision errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism are corrected using various techniques.
Vision correction operations include:

  • 1) LASIK
  • 2) Ultra LASIK
  • 3) Femto Lasik
  • 4) Contura Vision
  • 5) Custom Lasik
  • 6) PRK
  • 7) Femto Smile
  • 8) ICl lenses

Using our most updated technology we help you achieve both safety and efficiency we do consider Quality of vision as important as Quantity of vision.


Using Ex500 Wavelight machine and Visumax Zeiss machine at our center, we provide all the different LASIK modalities with the luxury of customized correction made specifically for you based on the unique profile of your eye.


Femto-LASIK is now the method of choice for a safe and reliable refractive correction. Femto-LASER is used for corneal flap creation instead of the traditional microkeratome, allowing for thinner, more uniform and customized diameter flaps with better biomechanical characteristics.


Using Visumax Zeiss machine Prof Ahmed Moatassem allows full refractive corrections nd safe technique for border line higher errors in corneas with borderline thickness. Those candidates were never within the reach of a standard LASIK or Femto-LASIK procedures. Its a flapless technology that was added for our long menu for different refractive errors.
Its wide safety margin made it a dream coming true.

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