keratoconic patients struggle with all kinds of visual quality problems, we assure to help them to finish their suffering.

With supply the most advanced corneal imaging techniques, most updated pentacams, corneal topographers and the newest ocular wavefront measuring devices, we can best manage keratconic conditions.

Choices are multiple based on the patient’s ocular condition, age, visual acuity, corneal imaging and level of aberrations measured by wavefront aberrometer. we can choose between;

Glasses with close observation and follow up for mild cases.

Corneal collagen cross linking to fix and stabilize progression of corneal ectasia, newest devices for CXL are now available at our center which provides safest and fastest outcomes for our most valued customers.

Femtoring (Intra corneal ring segments and rings) implanted using most recent femtosecond laser platforms. Recent advances have now changed the face of ICRS, introducing new segments which provided efficient improvement of corneal astigmatism, regularity and shape.

Femto- Keratoplasty whenever needed for best visual outcomes.
Regular follow ups of your corneal status with periodic corneal imaging and wavefront assessment will be done with the frequency required by your status.

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