Dr. Ahmed EL-Moatassem

The best ophthalmologist in Egypt

Dr. Ahmed El Moatasem is specialized in LASIK, Cataract, and Corneal Surgeries for more than 20 years in treating keratoconus in Egypt and many countries around the world.

  • Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (FRCS).
  • Is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology in San Francisco.
  • Member of the International Society of Corrective Surgery.
  • Professor of Opthamology – Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.

Why is Ahmed El-Moatasem the best eye doctor in Egypt?

Dr.El-Moatassem is the best ophthalmologist  in egypt as he recognized as a professor in the field of cornea, laser cataract surgery, laser vision correction, glaucoma surgery, keratoconus and strabismus.

He is one of the first ophthalmologists in Egypt and the Arab world to perform both laser vision correction and laser cataract surgery.

And he has continued to expand his expertise in this field, having performed more than 50,000 laser vision correction procedures on patients, 1,000 ophthalmologists and their families, and more than 30,000 laser cataract operations. He is considered a pioneer in corneal, cataract and refractive surgery techniques.

Also he has participated in more than 40 Food and Drug Administration studies and authored more than 190 papers on cornea, eye diseases, cataracts, and vision correction.

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Moatassem Eye Clinic

We Care About you

The center of Dr. Ahmed El-Moatassem is located in a central location in Heliopolis, in central Cairo. The clinic is well-equipped with the latest and most accurate medical devices and equipment to conduct a comprehensive and systematic eye examination in a comfortable way for the patient to diagnose and identify all eye diseases in a few minutes. The assistant medical team consisting of reception staff, technicians and nursing also works professionally and in harmony to ensure patient comfort and provide the highest level of care and attention.

We offer a wide range of eye care services including LASIK and PRK refractive surgeries, eye exams, vision testing for eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Also we present Glaucoma treatment, Cataract surgeries, and Browlift procedures.

Doing lasik ultralasik femtolasik and femtosmile technology , and cataract surgery with using premium IOL as well as ICL implants. Specialized in keratoconus treatment, using Femtoring implants, crosslinking and Femto corneal grafts.

Dr. Ahmed El-Moatasem's clinics provide the following services:

The process of removing cataracts in the eye requires extensive experience from the ophthalmologist, extensive study of the affected eye and extreme caution in dealing with it. The eye is a small organ, but it is of great importance, and any errors during the operation may lead to permanent, irreversible injury.

In order to avoid problems and complications resulting from surgery, we advise you to choose the most skilled doctors and perform the surgery under their supervision.

Among them is Dr. Ahmed El-Moatasem, who has more than 20 years of experience in the field of ophthalmic surgery. Do you have any idea how much Dr. Ahmed El-Moatasem performed during those long years of operations to remove cataracts in the eye? And how many patients were cured by his hand?

What is cataract?

Also called cataract, it is a congenital or acquired opacity that affects the lens of the eye and leads to a cloudy vision similar to looking at frozen glass, or fumes collect on it as a result of the lens of the eye gradually losing its transparency to prevent light from passing through it as a result.

 It occurs in all age stages and is more prevalent in the elderly and may occur in one eye or both eyes and develop without any significant pain.


How important is the lens of the eye?


The natural lens in the eye is located within a capsule or capsule in the area just behind the pupil and the cornea. It is composed of protein fibers, water and many other molecules that are grouped in a precise arrangement to give a very high transparency that allows light to pass through it.

 But with age or affected by several factors, the components of this lens begin to disintegrate and protein fibers are deposited to give opacity in the lens and blurred vision.


What types of cataract in the eye?



  • Cataract collecting in the nucleus of the lens

It is the most common condition that appears with age and results from the yellowing of the lens of the eye in the long term.


  • And Cataracts on the outside of the lens

In this case, cataracts accumulate on the nucleus of the lens. The opacity of the eye begins as a small white spot that expands later and blocks the passage of light through it.


  •  Cataracts that collect under the back capsule of the lens

In this type, light sensitivity occurs, seeing halos around light sources, and pain when seeing glare. It is also characterized by difficulty in reading and develops very quickly compared to other types.


What are the symptoms of cataract in the eye?

  • Gradual loss of vision without pain
  • Seeing a white curtain or (fog) or something that looks like smoke
  • Blurred vision
  • Incandescent light sensitivity
  • Haloes appear around light sources
  • Difficulty seeing in the dark
  • Whitening of the visible lens of the eye


What is the difference between cataract disease and glaucoma?


The cataract is an opacity in the lens of the eye and blurred vision as a result. But if the condition of the cataract progresses without treatment, a clouding occurs and the cataract turns into glaucoma. It is a rise in intraocular pressure or what is commonly called the “sight thief” or scientifically glaucoma. In the future, glaucoma leads to atrophy of the eye nerve.


What is the process of cataracts in the eye?


The process of cataracts in the eye depends on replacing the opaque lens affected by cataracts with another artificial lens that allows clear vision and is as close to natural as possible. 

And that is through a surgical incision, which previously ranged between 13-15 mm, and recently it has become about 3 mm in length. The new lens is inserted from it and is unique and is placed well inside the lens capsule.

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When does cataract surgery become necessary?


When the vision becomes completely dark and the patient suffers a partial vision loss and benefits from the ability to drive at night and is sensitive to bright light, then a cataract operation must be performed to prevent its complications.


What is the cost of cataract surgery?


The cost and price of cataract surgery is variable according to several factors, such as the doctor’s degree of experience, the medical center, and the technology used in it. 

But in the Dr. Ahmed El-Moatassem center, the cost of this operation ranges between 9000-20,000 Egyptian pounds for the year 2021

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What are the lenses used in the cataract process?


Dr. Ahmed El-Moatassem – The best eye doctor in egypt – explained that the lenses used in cataract surgery are soft lenses that are inserted into the eye capsule through a small incision, and they have two main types as follows:



  • monofocal lenses

They are lenses that allow seeing things far away very clearly, but the patient may need medical glasses to see things that are close to him.



  • Triple or multifocal lenses

It is the world’s most famous type of eye lenses that allows seeing distant and near objects together and helps to clarify reading and working on the computer in a very large way.


  • Toric lenses

The latest types of lenses that treat myopia, astigmatism and cataracts as well.


How is cataract surgery performed?


There are 3 mechanisms for treating cataracts, the most famous of which is the femto laser technique, which relies on directing laser beams directly to the lens of the eye to break up the white water inside the lens capsule, and then the resulting parts are suctioned and a new lens is placed.

And there is another technique through ultrasound called Phaco, which is very similar to the femto laser.


As for the oldest technique, it is the surgery that is required to be performed on the development of the condition and the cataract formation, or what is known as the level of the cataract, to be withdrawn in one piece by making a surgical incision in the eye and then suturing the wound with medical stitches.

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It is not possible to treat cataracts with any drops, medications or other methods, but the surgical solution is the only curative solution.

Dr.Ahmed El-Moatassem chooses the type of cataract operation in the eye according to the patient’s condition. And whether the injury in one eye or on both sides. 

As well as according to the patient’s desire and his financial ability, all of them are factors that interfere in determining the type of operation. 

Among the most famous types of cataract surgery in the eye, we mention the phaco cataract surgery, the surgical cataract surgery, and the latest laser cataract surgery. Here’s information about each of them:

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  • Cataract surgery in the eye with Phaco


It is the process of removing cataracts in the eye using ultrasound, also called “phacoemulsification”.


The surgeon makes a very small incision through which the ultrasound lens is emulsified.


Then a new, pleated lens is implanted, which the doctor inserts through the small incision.


It is a modern method characterized by its speed and fewer complications compared to the surgical cataract removal procedure.

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  •  And also the operation of cataracts in the eye with a laser


The laser cataract operation is one of the latest methods of removing cataracts in the eye that is adopted by ophthalmologists around the world, and there is no need to make a surgical incision here. Into small parts, they are emulsified and excised by a probe inserted by the doctor through the hole, connected to the phaco device, and finally, the artificial lens is inserted behind the iris and fixed tightly.

 It is characterized by its few complications, and the speed of recovery from the operation, as you can be discharged from the hospital within a day or two after its procedure, and despite its many advantages, the cost of the laser cataract surgery is the most expensive, but it remains the best in terms of results and fewer complications.


  •      Also, cataract surgery


The surgery is done through making a fairly large incision, and the affected lens is extracted according to two methods, either extracting the lens with its capsule, or extracting the lens while preserving the back of the capsule.

after which an artificial lens is implanted in the place of the original lens behind the iris, then the surgeon closes the eye incision And he puts what protects her during the recovery and recovery period from the operation, and the cost of the surgical cataract surgery is the least and cheapest, but its complications are more after the operation compared to the rest of the techniques.

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Dr. Ahmed El-Moatassem prefers to adopt the rest of the treatment methods, whether the cataract surgery by laser or the cataract operation by phaco, but it is possible to resort to surgery when a long period has passed since the injury, where the cataract is difficult to break up with ultrasound or laser, which is decided by Dr. Ahmed El-Moatassem according to For his expertise and careful study of the situation.


Laser cataract surgery success rate

Dr. Ahmed Al-Moatasem confirms that the success rate of the cataract operation is more than 97%, which is expected due to his experience, skill and careful handling with eye tissues, and his use of modern techniques, especially the laser cataract operation and also the phaco cataract operation, and the lack of success of the operation is due to the presence of Injuries accompanying cataracts, such as vitreous clouding, retinal detachment, glaucoma (high pressure inside the eye), diabetes and many other problems.


Cataract surgery cost

The cost of cataract surgery in the eye depends on many factors, namely:

  • The cost of cataract surgery varies according to the medical center or hospital where the operation is performed.
  • Also The cost of cataract surgery depends on the type of technology used, so the cost of laser cataract surgery is more than the cost of phaco cataract surgery.
  • The skill of the surgeon supervising the operation has a role in determining the cost of cataract surgery.

The type of artificial lens to be implanted after surgery.


Dr. Ahmed El-Moatassem is the best cataract doctor in Egypt and the Arab world

Why do many patients turn to Dr. Ahmed El-Moatassem to treat their eye diseases?

Dr. Ahmed El-Moatassem is considered one of the pioneers in the field of ophthalmology and its surgery, not only in the Republic of Egypt, but also in the Arab world.

Doctor Ahmed El-Moatassem has more than 20 years of experience in the field of eye surgery.

Also Ahmed El-Moatasem Center is equipped with the latest technologies and medical devices that help in performing a comprehensive eye examination and performing modern and advanced surgeries.

The cost of the laser cataract surgery in Dr. Ahmed El-Moatassem center is the best compared to the rest of the centers in Egypt.

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Corneal transplant with the best ophthalmologist

In Professor Ahmed El-Moatassem’s centers between Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the UAE, the corneal transplant process is carried out in Egypt with the utmost accuracy and efficiency, using the latest technologies. In addition, the doctor supervises the import of the best suitable types of cornea.


What is the cornea?

The cornea is the transparent outer layer at the front of the eye, and acts as a window through which the colored iris and pupil (the black dot in the center of the iris) can be seen.

The cornea focuses light rays on the retina in the back of the eye, then this image is transmitted to the visual centers of the brain, and the image appears clearly.

When the cornea is damaged, it becomes less transparent and may change shape; As a result, light is prevented from reaching the retina, causing the transmitted image to be distorted or appear blurry.

One of the most common diseases of the cornea is keratoconus, and the best treatment for keratoconus is partial corneal transplantation

Here, it is necessary to talk to Dr. Ahmed El-Moatassem about finding solutions to this problem. And about the possibility of performing a corneal transplant in its advanced centers between Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the UAE.

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Types of corneal transplant

There are many types of corneal transplantation in Egypt, and Dr. Ahmed Al-Moatasem performs the necessary examinations and determines the appropriate type for each case.

Among these types are:

  • Total corneal transplant PKP

The doctor approves penetrating corneal transplantation when all layers of the cornea are required to be replaced, and a person with a severe corneal injury often has bad swelling and scarring.

In it, the entire thickness of the cornea is replaced with a new one, and the new cornea is sewn onto the eye with stitches thinner than hair. The patient may need a longer recovery time in this case.

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  • Deep anterior corneal transplant – DALK

The surgeon replaces only the outer and middle layers of the cornea in this type of surgical procedure.

The doctor injects air to raise and separate the outer and middle layers of the cornea, removes it and then replaces it with a healthy one from a donor.

Usually the patient needs this type in the case of keratoconus transplantation; It is a pathological condition in which the normal shape of the cornea changes from round to conical.

As a result, vision changes occur, and its treatment may be a new corneal transplant or keratoconus rings.

These rings are annular segments that are installed and inserted into the cornea, to adjust its conical shape, which contributes to the correct focus of the light; and improved vision.

Recovery time in this species is usually shorter than in whole fish culture.

  • Endothelial corneal transplantation – EK

Only the deeper (back) layers of the cornea are replaced in this type of surgery. The doctor often resorts to him to help Fox’s patient, and this type is divided into:

Abstract Endothelial Keratoplasty – DSEK  أو   DSAEK

An abstract endothelial corneal transplant is the most common type of endothelial corneal transplant. The surgeon removes the endothelial membrane that is only one cell thick and has Desmet’s membrane over it.

Then he replaces them with an endothelial membrane and Descemet’s membrane, and they are attached to the stroma (the thickened middle layer of the cornea) to help it deal with the new tissue without damaging it.

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Endothelial Corneal Transplant Desmet’s Membrane  – DMEK

In this type, Dr. Ahmed Al-Moatasem transplants only the endothelial membrane and Descemet’s membrane without the support of the stroma, in which the donor tissue is very thin, fragile and difficult to deal with.

But recovery of this type is usually faster, and sometimes the vision after corneal transplantation is slightly better in this type.

Corneal stem cell transplant

Corneal transplantation experiments using stem cells have been conducted in the United States, by replacing damaged cells with healthy ones, which leads to an improvement in visual acuity, but this method is still under study


How much does a corneal transplant cost in Egypt?

The cost of a corneal transplant in Egypt ranges from 30 thousand EGP to 40 thousand EGP, but this price is variable.

The price of corneal transplant in Egypt and the cost of corneal ring transplant in Egypt may vary according to several factors, as it is a process that requires several expensive equipment, as the cost of corneal transplantation is affected by the following:

  • Importing the cornea from abroad, whether from the United States of America or from Europe.
  • Shipping and storage conditions.
  • The type of surgery and technique used.
  • Also The doctor’s practical experience and skill.
  • The level of the hospital in which this operation is performed, the degree of sterilization and cleanliness.
  • Actions that take place before the operation.
  • The type of rings used in keratoconus implants in Egypt.
  • cornea source of its presence; The doctor, Ahmed El-Moatassem, supervises the import and guarantees the quality provided.

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What is keratoconus?

Keratoconus disease is a change that affects the spherical shape of the eye, where there is a thinning (decreased thickness) in the center of the cornea and its convexity increases to the outside, giving it a conical shape known as keratoconus disease.

The aforementioned thinning affects the mesenchymal layer of the cornea, which, as we mentioned, is the thickest layer of the cornea.

Keratoconus begins in the teenage years, but the diagnosis is usually delayed until after the age of 20.

Is keratoconus dangerous?

You may ask this question about yourself when your doctor tells you about your diagnosis. Especially since the name keratoconus may suggest concern.

But there is no need to fear, with the development of medicine and the discovery of modern technologies, and the presence of the best ophthalmologists in Egypt, it has become possible to treat keratoconus completely and with a high success rate, whether the treatment is through the process of keratoconus, or the treatment of keratoconus with a laser.

This is what Dr. Ahmed Al-Moatasem offers you the best keratoconus doctor in Egypt and the Arab world. He has a long experience in the treatment of keratoconus, using the latest scientific and technological methods and keeping pace with scientific developments.


Keratoconus cost in Egypt

The most important question that every patient is looking for an answer to, is how to treat keratoconus permanently and at the lowest possible cost.

It is not possible to accurately determine the cost of keratoconus with laser, nor for keratoconus fixation, as its cost is linked to many variables.

The cost of keratoconus in Egypt relates to:

  • Keratoconus type and techniques.
  • The experience and degree of the surgeon.
  • severity of the patient’s condition.
  • Equipment of the center in which the operation will be performed.

Ahmed El-Moatassem is the best keratoconus doctor in Egypt (Dr. Ahmed El-Moatasem is the best eye doctor in Egypt).

Keratoconus treatment requires a great deal of experience from the surgeon. He first needs to establish a sure diagnosis of the condition, determine its stage accurately, and choose the optimal treatment solution according to what the doctor sees.

These challenges require a specialized surgeon with extensive experience in the treatment of keratoconus.

Dr. Ahmed El-Moatassem is at the forefront of ophthalmologists who are qualified in the treatment of keratoconus. He is referred to by everyone, whether doctors or patients, as the best keratoconus doctor in Egypt and the most experienced in performing keratoconus fixation.

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The experience and competence of the doctor came as a result of many factors, including:

  • His great interest in his work and his concern for the patient’s comfort.
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.
  • Member of the International Society of Corrective Surgery.
  • He is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology in San Francisco.
  • Professor of ophthalmology at one of the most prestigious universities, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University.
  • More than 20 years of experience in the treatment of keratoconus.
  • Dr. Ahmed El-Moatassem has the latest technology and medical equipment in his center.

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The laser vision correction process has witnessed great developments nowadays, as this method relies on thermal surgery to reshape the cornea of the eye to solve vision problems.

The laser process has evolved from the use of a mechanical tool in the process of sculpting the cornea to reshape it, to the use of the same laser beam in this procedure.

Which helped the doctor not to resort to stitching, and to achieve a great speed in recovery and recovery of the patient after the LASIK vision correction operation.


The best vision correction centers in Egypt

It is not possible to talk about vision correction operations without mentioning the best center specialized in performing them.

Therefore, we will mention some of the advantages of the Dr. Ahmed El-Moatassem Center.

Which is the first destination for patients who need vision correction operations in Egypt. In this center there are the latest technologies and advanced equipment and it contains several operating rooms equipped with the latest surgical microscopes. And the best vision correction devices under the supervision of a group of doctors, consultants and eye surgeons.

In addition to the medical assistant team consisting of the best anesthesia technicians, nursing and reception staff, who form an integrated and professional cadre that achieves the highest levels of care and attention to the patient. In addition to all this, it offers the best price for LASIK surgery and laser vision correction.

Best eye doctor for vision correction surgery

The name of Dr. Ahmed El-Moatassem is always associated with the term vision correction surgeries in Egypt. He is the best doctor in refractive eye surgeries and refractive procedures.

Dr. Ahmed El-Moatassem has obtained fellowship, training and residency memberships in Britain and America. where he worked as a surgeon.

Where he was the first eye surgeon to perform ring operations in America, Egypt and the UAE more than 10 years ago.

He has published many researches on the cornea of the eye in Europe and America.

And he was appointed as a professor of the Faculty of Medicine at Ain Shams University.

Is a member of the International Society of Corrective Surgery.

He is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology in San Francisco.

And also He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Surgeons of Edinburgh. The opinions of patients, the outcome of successful experiences, and the rate of recovery that God put at his hands testify to the extent of his experience and success throughout these years.


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At Dr. Ahmed El-Moatasem Center, the best eye doctor for glaucoma operations. Glaucoma is diagnosed early through a periodic eye examination. A tomogram of the optic nerve and field of vision was made to determine the degree of nerve fibers affected by the disease. And then provide the optimal treatment for the patient, either with drops or by performing the glaucoma process with or without valve placement.


Glaucoma treatment

Aftermarket medicine. During the treatment process in cases of surgery in the first stage of the disease The best results of surgery in cases of disease in the first stage of the disease.

eye drops: It is an alternative medicine from other medicines in the eye and treat it with allergies.

laser surgery :This desire to make upstairs. Some places next to children living in enclosed spaces from the adjacent corner

  • Perforation process to open the network, the duct to drain the fluid from the eye.
  • As well as the production process of productive production.
  • and thus reduce eye pressure The iris perforation process survives by draining eye fluids.

The cost of the glaucoma operation in Egypt

Many factors influence the cost of glaucoma surgery in Egypt such as:

  • place to perform it.
  • As well as the tools used in the process.
  • The most important of them is how professional the doctor is.

And also surgery:
This surgery involves removing the fibrous mesh and replacing it with a new stream to drain the aqueous fluid, which reduces intraocular pressure. Sometimes this type of surgery fails and must be done again.

The success rate of the glaucoma operation

The success rate of this operation is from 70% to 90%, but in some cases the body recognizes the surgical opening as a wound and tries to close it. Which restores the glaucoma again, so sometimes the patient performs glaucoma several times in his life.

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Strabismus is the most common eye disease for children, strabismus occurs when the direction of the eyes is different, for example, one of the eyes may be healthy and the direction of looking at it is straight, while the direction of looking at the other eye is inward, outward, down, or up, and the reason is It is the incompatibility of the eye muscles.

Children may develop strabismus from birth, or it may appear later with the age of the child, and it is worth noting that the eye affected by strabismus may not develop normally later.

To ensure the health of our children’s eyes and avoid eye problems, it is recommended that a periodic examination of the child’s eyes be carried out by a specialized ophthalmologist every 3 to 6 months as a maximum.


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