Cost of Keratoconus Surgery

Cost of Keratoconus Surgery

Keratoconus is diagnosed as a common and gradually progressive disease within the eye. The disease is immediately detected when the cornea starts changing its shape irregularly, becoming cone-shaped. This phenomenon is called keratoconus, which leads to various problems.

Causes of Keratoconus: Medical reports suggest that the causes of keratoconus have not been discovered yet. Some opinions indicate that excessive eye rubbing can lead to this disease. Other opinions suggest that it can occur due to prolonged wear of contact lenses. Finally, there is another view confirming that the disease might occur due to genetic factors. There are still different opinions about the causes of keratoconus.

Cost of Keratoconus Surgery: The calculation of the price of keratoconus surgery depends on the needs and requirements of each patient. The price is determined based on the rate and extent of the disease. According to official statements, the cost of keratoconus surgery ranges from 73,878 to 110,818 Egyptian pounds. The more medical attention required, the easier and more successful the surgery will be. The price is calculated based on the presence of the following symptoms:

Symptoms of Keratoconus:

  1. Lack of clear vision.
  2. Experiencing vision problems at night.
  3. Inability to tolerate light, known as light sensitivity or photophobia.
  4. Significant eye fatigue.
  5. Central area damage, making the cornea extremely thin.

Best Doctor for Keratoconus Treatment in Egypt: Dr. Ahmed Al-Motasem for Eyes and Lasik is one of the most skilled specialized doctors in detecting and treating keratoconus. One of the most important factors in the success of this procedure is relying on a highly experienced doctor in this vital area, which is one of the most sensitive parts of a person.

Determining Keratoconus Treatment Options: Dr. Ahmed Al-Motasem first conducts a thorough examination of the cornea to diagnose the condition. The idea of keratoconus surgery can be replaced with the option of wearing contact lenses. However, this option is not highly effective, so opting for surgery might be the optimal solution.

Performing Keratoconus Surgery: When the decision for surgery is made by Dr. Ahmed Al-Motasem, he provides a comprehensive explanation of the procedure. The reason for this is that while the surgery can be highly effective, it may have some complexities, such as the cornea not accepting donor tissues, and a longer recovery period.

Key Alternative Treatments for Keratoconus Surgery: Dr. Ahmed Al-Motasem avoids keratoconus surgery as the last resort, opting for the most recent treatments instead:

  1. Cross-Linking Treatment for the Cornea: Through this treatment, the problem’s progression can be controlled, and it can be used to prevent the rapid spread of the disease.
  2. Implanting Rings for Keratoconus Treatment: These rings can be implanted inside the cornea using laser technology. Dr. Ahmed Al-Motasem implants two half-circle rings of varying thickness. The procedure can be tolerated by the cornea and cannot be rejected. One of the main advantages of this surgery is that it flattens the cornea, providing better vision.
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